Activists Defend Life in China

Recently, Chen Guangcheng has made the news because of his escape to Beijing from house arrest on Sunday April 22, 2012. Chen was arrested because of his opposition to forced abortions in China.

On Sunday January 22, 2012, Chai Ling, founder of All Girls Allowed, received the Defender of Life award at the Students for Life of America National Conference.

Each day 35,000 forced abortions take place in China. Most of those aborted are girls.

86 percent of women in China have had at least one abortion, Ling said.

All Girls Allowed has four programs with the goal of bringing justice to women in China. These programs include defending women from forced abortion, ending gendercide through their baby shower gift program for mother’s of girls, rescuing trafficked children and educating abandoned orphans.

Gendercide is a result of forced abortions in China which is a result of China’s one child policy. Ling said that All Girls Allowed is working to reverse a 5,000 year history of preference of males. Because of China’s one child policy, families with more than one child have to hide.

According to Ling, this gendercide has resulted in 37 million single men in China. This shortage in females has led to trafficking of girls. Ling told a story about a 3-year-old girl who was trafficked and was reunited with her family after All Girls Allowed found her.

Ling also spoke about the importance of the Sanctity of Life trainings in China. In these trainings, Heartbeat International teaches house church leaders how to speak out against the one child policy.


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