Social Justice: From the Begining of Life

Social justice aims to make something right and give somebody something they deserve. It is based on the idea that people have value and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

International Justice Mission rescues the oppressed, defends the orphans and pleads for widows in 12 countries in  Asia, Africa and Latin America. IJM promotes justice by protecting and defending the innocent, rescuing children from harm, freeing slaves, rescuing victims from violence. Many times this is done through enforcing the law of the land.

The 2,200 pregnancy centers across the U.S. provide justice for the most innocent and vulnerable people– the unborn. Like IJM, pregnancy centers rescue children from harm and defend the orphans.

Not only do pregnancy centers fight for the lives of the unborn, pregnancy centers such as Care Net provide mothers with “free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, abortion information, parenting classes, and material assistance”.

Social Justice should not discriminate based on size, level of developement, environment or dependence. When it comes to protecting those in need of protection, the unborn are innocent and helpless and are in danger of suffering violence.


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